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Leadership Programs, sometimes called Management Development Programs, or Rotational Programs, are full-time, entry-level jobs. They offer exceptional career opportunities at some of the world’s best companies.

Leadership and Rotational Programs are becoming more popular as a path to employment after completing an undergraduate or graduate (MBA) degree. They help companies fill their leadership pipeline, and identify high-potential leaders.

Averaging about two years in duration, these programs often include rotations around an organization across locations and roles. Some are more general, while others concentrate in specific functional areas, such as Engineering, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Operations, Manufacturing, Sales, or Information Technology.

In addition to practical work experience, participants often benefit from mentoring by senior executives, and training that enhances leadership skills. These experiences help participants become more effective, self-aware, and prepared to advance in the organization.

The Leadership and Rotational Program experience often culminates with placement in a permanent career position.

As you would expect, the selection process is highly competitive, attracting applicants with the most accomplishments and academic achievement.