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    Welcome to LeadershipDevelopmentProgram.com

    Please feel free to contact us for more information about any of our Leadership Development programs and services.

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    Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment

    Measure and develop the ability to better understand and influence others.

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    Workplace Big Five Personality Profile

    The most widely used Personality profile for Business.

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    The Leadership Challenge Workshop

    The Leadership Challenge Workshop is a complete framework for developing Leadership Skills.

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    Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

    The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) is the best-selling leadership assessment of its generation. Assess and develop your leaders with the celebrated 360-degree instrument that approaches leadership as a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors.

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    Build stronger, more effective teams with a training program based on the best selling book. Now with a new edition of the easy-to-use participant guide.

Welcome to the source of trusted training programs and assessments for Leadership Development, Team Building, 360 Degree Feedback, Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Personality, Executive Coaching, and Organizational Development.



Leadership Development Online Assessments

The WorkPlace Big Five Personality Profile 4.0 - Trait Report -

The WorkPlace Big Five Personality Profile - Team Report -

The WorkPlace Big Five Personality Profile – Trait Capacitor Competencies Report -

The WorkPlace Big Five Personality Profile – Leader Report -

The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment - Self Report -

The Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment – 360 Degree Feedback -

The Leadership Challenge – Leadership Practices Inventory – Self Report -

The Leadership Challenge – Leadership Practices Inventory – 360 Degree Feedback -

Leadership Plus Myers-Briggs Personality Type -

Global Executive Leadership Inventory – 360 Degree Feedback -

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – Team Report -



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Overview of our Services


Leadership Development-

We offer Programs and Assessments to develop leaders and leadership skills at every level of an organization. Many are based on the research of best selling authors, and backed by years of successful application the real world. The Leadership Challenge is one example of an outstanding leadership development program that has been used by thousands of organizations, and millions of managers. The Leadership Challenge is an immensely practical resource, complete with easy to present facilitation guides, participant workbooks, 360 degree feedback assessment tools, and media resources.

360 Feedback -

360 Degree Multi Rater Surveys – Effective Performance Feedback for Individual or Team.   360 Degree Multi Rater Feedback identifies critical gaps between perception and performance.  We can help you make the most of this process with our suite of versatile, cost effective, multi rater products, but more importantly, we can show you how to use them most effectively for best results. 360 Degree feedback is one of the most useful tools for performance improvement. It can be an important part of coaching and team development. 360 Degree Multi Rater Feedback provides measurement and metrics so participants can track their progress over time, pre and post development. Questions can be customized for task specific evaluations.


Emotional Intelligence-

The relationship between Emotional Intelligence and work performance is clearly established. The ability to perceive others’ emotions, and control ones own has been proven to one of the most important skills related to career success, even when technical knowledge of the work subject is a factor. We offer tools to measure and develop Emotional Intelligence.
expressed our understanding of personality, and examining the results to uncover common denominators.


Team Building-

We offer the complete training and assessment program based on the best selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. This program offers a workshop facilitators’ guide, participant workbooks, video, and assessment tools. In addition, Our Big Five Personality assessment, has the option of presenting the personality traits of each team member in a common report, perfect for understanding the dynamics that exist, and providing the opportunity for better understanding between each member.

Executive Coaching-

We have experience working with managers and executives to develop self-awareness, effective communication, creativity, and leadership skills. In addition, any of our programs and assessment tools can be custom delivered to an individual with personal attention and feedback.

Personality Assessment-

The WorkPlace Big Five Personality Profile 4.0.  The five-factor personality model, or Big Five, is probably the most reliable and valid measure of personality used in business today.  One of the most popular and accepted tools that apply the theory is The WorkPlace Big Five Personality Profile, developed by CentACS.  Some of the needs it meets are- Job Profiling, Career Planning, Team Building, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, and Conflict Resolution.  Personality has a big impact on relations in any workplace environment, and personality assessment can play an important role in making organizations more effective, employees happier and more productive.