Atos SE – Development Programs, Internships

Atos specializes in IT security programs and services for a variety of commercial industries and government agencies throughout the Eurozone.


Headquarters: Benzons, FRANCE

Industry: Technology

Development Programs: Through a series of courses, rotations, and cross-functional assignments, after completing the 18 month programs associates are fully integrated into the corporate culture. Programs are available in the following career paths:

o   Information Technology

o   Management & Consulting

o   Customer Service

o   Engineering

o   Human Resources

o   Administration

o   Sales & Marketing

Development programs are separated between the business end of the company’s operations and the Technical departments. For more information about these programs, click here.

Internships: Internships in the business departments of the company are offered in the summer months; undergraduates of all academic fields of study are encouraged to apply. Technical and Engineering internships last 12 months and pay a competitive salary; they are limited and competitive. International travel may be required; you must have a valid passport. For more information about these programs, click here.