AT&T Inc. – Development Programs – Internships


AT&T Inc. – Development Programs – Internships

AT&T is the largest provider of landline and mobile telephone communication systems in the US.


Headquarters: Dallas, Texas. USA

Industry: Telecommunications

Development Programs: Development programs combine online educational training courses with formal classroom leadership and management development classes taught by senior management. Cross-functional rotations are also a common element of all programs in the following professional areas:

o   Marketing

o   Public Relations

o   Finance

o   Accounting

o   Information Technology

o   Engineering

o   Business Management

o   Human Resources

o   Legal

o   Real Estate Development & Construction

o   Supply Chain & Logistics

Development programs are available in all company departments and last anywhere from 3-36 months depending on the expertise of the associate and the needs of the corporate division. Click here for more information about specific program requirements.

Internships: Student internships at AT&T are offered throughout the year; these programs are limited and competitive. To access the current campus career fair and recruitment schedule click here